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Time and time again, hardware visionaries have changed our world.
Henry Ford defined entire landscapes. The Wright Brothers conquered the final element: air. Steve Jobs put the entire known universe in our pockets.
Without hardware innovation, the world would look very different. You might still be reading this on a monitor that looks like it's ready to reheat your leftovers.
Yet today, no one is telling the stories of hardware innovation. All eyes are on the latest B2B SaaS marketing tool. And why not? Technology has made it incredibly easy to ship a profitable SaaS tool in just a weekend. It's easy for these stories to go mainstream.
We build hardware not because it's easy, but because it's hard.
There are a select few who are working tirelessly to bring innovative hardware products to market. These products are set to forever change our interactions with the physical world. Like the battery-less UV tracker that helps you manage your skin health. Or the discreet sensor that slips under your watch and brings style back to fitness tracking.
Their stories deserve to be told.
Maybe you're curious about entering the world of hardware engineering. Maybe you have an idea. Or maybe you're already building something and you're the only hardware engineer at your company, and no one else understands the struggle of tuning the button tactile or optimizing for battery life.
Whoever you are, welcome. Email me if you have any questions or want an introduction to any of the guests I bring on. Listen to these stories, but more importantly, go build something that touches the real, physical world.
It might feel lonely, but trust me, there are others - past, present, future - braving the path you're embarking on.
I'll show you.